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Brandt is a French brandname producing various home equipment, created in 1924 by Edgar Brandt as a part of Hotchkiss-Brandt. Today, the company currently is owned by Cevital.

An angry customer mentioned, "Brandt does NOT stand by their work. They came to my house to repair two separate issues with the two ice makers in my Samsung refrigerator. One issue was repaired successfully and we were very pleased with the result. The other issue, however, was NOT repaired properly. They apparently did a 'temporary fix' that conveniently crapped out again just in time to push us outside of our Samsung/Lowe's warranty and outside of our warranty with Brandts Appliance. The specific repair that I'm referring to did not include any new parts or additional parts. The service provider said that there was an issue in the back of the ice maker from when it was originally installed and that it was a quick and easy repair. He made said 'repair' and the LABOR that he provided was NOT successful. Brandts Appliance warranties their labor for only 30 days. That can be understandable. What is not understandable nor acceptable, however, is that they actually do NOT expect their labor to hold successfully for more than 30 days. After only 3 months the issue that they "repaired" had completely returned. I spoke with Beth Fleming, one of the manager at Brandts, and she simply apologized and said that 3 months has been too long and we shouldn't have expected their work to last that long. I do not think it's unreasonable to expect labor (not parts) to be successful for 3 months. Otherwise we would all be needing our appliances repaired every few months, which is absurd. Beth told me that I should have called sooner. Well, the holidays have just past and we were also dealing with some family matters so, unfortunately, I had some personal priorities to take care of first. I called in to report this issue as soon as our personal affairs were in order and the holidays were behind us. Considering Brandts Appliance boasts "priding themselves in quality customer service", this was a very disappointing experience. I will NOT be utilizing their services again, I will be alerting Lowe's to the lack of satisfactory service provided (since Lowe's referred me to Brandts Appliance), and I will extend my LACK of recommendation for using this company. I wish I had read other reviews around the internet before going with Brandts Appliance since many other customers have had similar experiences. Very disappointing for a local family owned and operated business. Unfortunately, it's companies like these that encourage people to support the 'big name' companies that will ultimately put these little guys out of business."


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Worker (Former Employee) says

"Manager runs the show, even tells ops manager what to do. Everything must go through her. Micromanaging everything and every department. Once word gets out people will not want to work there.It’s a jobNothing is every right or good enough. Unrealistic expectations"

Welder/Fitter (Former Employee) says

"Brandt saskatoon was a terrible place to work. Very little training and alot of fighting on the floor. Wages were terrible. They dont recognize skill. And if you have skill they put you where it's not needed. Paychecks are usually short.Poor wages and unhealthy attitude"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Injured on job because untrained worker was working with me. I felt bullied by my supervisor to perform job duties I could not do because they caused me pain. They disregarded the recommendations from my doctor.NoneLong work hours"

Warranty Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management. Worked in warranty and would never again in my life go back to such an awful company. Don’t waste your time there. You are just a number. The mind games are endless and the stress doesn’t go away.noAll"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"If your a skilled white welder you wont get hired. They recruit unskilled immigrints that dont know the labour laws. This company is very cheap and run poorly but they charge top dollar for garbage equipment.NoneEverything"

Heavy Duty Technician (Former Employee) says

"-normal day of work is the use of welded tools,spend more time looking for tools then working-i learned lots-management is horable-co-workers are awsome but they went threw 40 guys in my two years-hardest part of job is mostly dealing with service manager-i got lots of heavy equipment experienceworkersserice manager is horable"

Finance (Former Employee) says

"Applied for a position and they made me an offer for another one, the Manager did not even bother to tell me that he is offering me a different position until I asked, it took them 2 weeks to call and too long to get back to me. Never ever the HR bothered to speak to me, no communication what so ever, you are supposed to seat down and do your job, if you like to come in and punch in and punch out, then this is for you. No possibility to grow. No safety measures in place for Covid, in my time there no one came to bring me hand sanitizer or to provide me with instructions. Very unprofessional, people are treated like they are numbers. They offer bi-monthly salary, on 15 and 30th, you don’t qualify for health insurance only after 3 months, and vacation is pro-rated, the first year you cannot take vacation.Close to homeAlmost everything"

Welder/Fitter (Current Employee) says

"Probably the worst company that I have ever worked for. The foreman are terrible, if you have a different colour of skin or female, well you will be in for a rough time. No respect towards anyone who is not part of there so call “boys club”. The guys that run the shop are old school and have no idea on how to talk to or treat any of the employees with good manners. Health and safety is undoubtedly the worse! Reckless at most opportunities, and have no due care on how to get jobs or projects completed in the correct manner. Profit before people. Jobs scheduled to the minute, no time to have bathroom breaks or if there’s an issue. They will be on you for the silliest things and hold them against you when getting your yearly review. Never felt appreciated for anything even though you bust a gut to get jobs completed in a fast time, they just move your target time lower and expect you to go faster again. They don’t want you to evolve or become a smarter, ticketed employee because that will give you options and the need for a pay incase. I found and heard that they will hold you back and try to make your career with less advantages so you will be unable to go anywhere else. Management is unbelievable! They only here from yes men and when they hear an actual problem they will dismiss you and say you are negative. There’s smaller and better run companies out there. Would not attempt to work for this company as you will regret that decision.Work colleaguesAlmost everything. All the good stuff is removed"

Produktionsarbeiterin (Former Employee) says

"Es ist ok dort zu arbeiten.Sehr Stressig und arbeiten von 10 Stunden mit nur 25 min pause"

Office (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend working here. Unfriendly staff, only a few that are welcoming and nice. Very poor management. Bad benefits. Save yourself and apply elsewhere.NoneStaff, leadership, pay, benefits."

Welder (Former Employee) says

"Management puts all the burden onto the workers, always adding more and more to the job. Death by a thousand cuts. Nice new shops, tools, and equipment but no money for the workers. Pay scale is all over the place, and workers are pitted against each other. I swear they want you to hate your job. Your good idea is no good until 2 weeks later when it's re-branded as their idea. Worst morale of any place I've worked. Immigrants are paid less than they are worth, and treated like slaves. One was off on disability and they cut off his benefits. You are just a number. It's all about the bottom line.I know where not to work nowManagement, benefits, wage scale, conniving managers."

Client and Product Support Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Had things happen on my personal life and Brandt let me go without a proper severance they wioll be served in court medial release to follow Management wasn’t reasonable Only thing good was the branch manager Service manager tried to hang me every chance he got Will see them in court"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nobody cares. The owner has no clue, doesn’t want to change. Stuck in 1990. You’ll regret it. You’ll never make a difference no matter how much you try. They don’t care about youPayManagement, benefits, no 401k, old building, old machines, old equipment, terrible upper management."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"I’ll start with the good things. They have a renovated shop and provide nice tools. There is also a 7on 7off rotation that is nice. The bad things. Journeyman wage is 40 an hour. Which is competitive with other companies. Here is the kicker. They haven’t given as much as a cost of living bump in 4 years. They force apprentices to sign contracts saying they won’t take a raise after they go for schooling... in fact the apprentices got together and went to the labor board in order to get raises... this didn’t help the journeyman. There is no room for advancement. Unless you suck up to the right people. Favouritism is terrible along with internal politics. The foreman don’t get along with each other and it makes for a hostile work environment. Do not work for this company!"

Field service technician (Former Employee) says

"Worst place ever to work. After becoming disabled due to a surgery the completely tossed me aside refused to find me a suitable position that i could work until the doctors could figure out my situation. I would not recommend working for them there is a lot of favoritism very poor management. After being forced to quit they still have not paid me my final pay cheque."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"If you're thinking about taking a job in the finance department at Brandt, you should reconsider. The ONLY good thing is the salary. The work hours, training, the culture are all awful and the turnover is insane. Most people burn out within 6 months from doing multiple jobs that they haven't been properly trained for. Seriously not worth it."

Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"First of all if you need medical insurance forget this company on the electrical side. Mechanical gets good insurance because they are union. Second I went there to run work and was treated very unfairly while trying to run the job, senior sup. Wouldn’t give me the info I needed and constantly dropped his worst guys on my job to help his part of the job. I never got the numbers for the job but they came back and asked why I didn’t make moneyNoneAll"

OPERATEUR POLYVALENT (Former Employee) says

"Chef imbu de ça personne prend les autres de haut !"

Slave (Current Employee) says

"Brandt has become an awful company to work for. You will never advance. At one time always offered overtime, but they've gotten too cheap for it over the years. Everything is about the almighty dollar - but only if it's going into upper management's pockets. Look at that slavedriver's mansion, and tell me they can't afford to give their employees a raise. They've hired all TFW's so they could pay them less. Many of these guys don't have the training they claimed they had, and they are a danger to themselves and others. Many labour standards are being broken - but they don't care, nor will they listen. Just as long as the product is getting pumped out on time. They think we're too dumb to see that we're being taken advantage of. Started job with many promises made to me - all have been taken away over the years. I could go on and on and none of it would be positive. Don't work here.Gossip around the shop is greatRead review."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If you are a visible minority less likely you are in a managerial position. Managers and up are mostly male. No job security, you can get terminated anytime. No career advancement, you'll get stuck with your level unless you suck up to your supervisor. Being smart and hardworking are not consideration, you should be "known" by the owners to be promoted. Managers enjoy good compensation while staff are lucky to have a job.employee giftsmicro-managed, company policies not clear, not fair compensation among employees"

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